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Overview of our roles

Working in Counter Fraud, Compliance and Debt (CFCD) you will have a vital role in the Department, protecting the public purse by identifying, correcting and preventing Fraud and Error and collecting Debt, supporting our most vulnerable customers.

Our teams use judgement and skills to investigate and intervene where fraud or error is suspected. Using intelligence and data, we manage debt, conduct identity interviews and enable the allocation of National Insurance Numbers.

We design robust DWP processes that reduce risk and deter fraud and error, to deliver a service which focusses on doing the right thing for our customers.

If you're looking for a job that protects public funds, delivers an excellent service and safeguards our customers, a role in CFCD could be just what you are looking for.

Counter Fraud Compliance and Debt is a great place to work, with many rewarding roles and careers. Our people have a fantastic sense of purpose as they deliver DWP's Fraud Error and Debt Strategy, building relationships right across DWP, reducing the amount of fraud and error in our benefit systems by looking at risk, redesigning processes and streamlining through automation and digital processes to support our customer journeys. Some of our roles deliver services to customers, whilst others support our internal customers. We have created a culture which focusses on inclusion, meaning everyone has a voice and we work as a collective diverse team right across the country.

Our Priorities

  • To prevent fraud, error and debt occurring.
  • Identify fraud, error and debt early, taking targeted and most effective actions.
  • Efficiently recovering outstanding debt.
  • Applying penalties where appropriate including criminal prosecutions.
  • Empowering our customers to give the right information at the right time.
  • Making stopping fraud, error and debt everyone in DWP's business.
  • Efficient and effective deployment of intervention approaches.
  • Take a risk based approach to fraud and error based on root causes and behaviours.
  • Optimise our use of data to tackle fraud, error and debt.
  • Design our organisation to deliver.
DWP is a fantastic department to work for with the breadth of services we deliver. This provides exciting opportunities to develop a career within the organisation. In CFCD operations we focus on protecting the public purse, safeguarding vulnerable customers and delivering an excellent customer service. The work we do is often high profile, and our teams are hugely proud of the work they do. Whether we are delivering face to face National Insurance Number services, supporting the vulnerable by managing their debt, or investigating benefit fraud we are committed to doing the right thing to support our customers and recover money lost through fraud and error.

Why are we recruiting in CFCD now?

Our aim is to prevent Fraud, Error and Debt from happening in the first place and we are investing in people, intelligence, data and digital capabilities to deliver a risk based approach that will increase the effectiveness of prevention, detection and recovery of loss.

We are increasing our organisational capability to respond to these demands for our services, identifying and detecting complex risk and threats. Reducing this is one of DWP's key priorities.

It's a great time to join us, both exciting and challenging, we have a real focus on our people and our colleagues are proud of the work they do.

Join us and develop a challenging and fulfilling career in one of our Counter Fraud roles.

What would my responsibilities be?

CFCD roles are wide ranging and diverse. Dependent on your specific role, you will be working with customers, stakeholders, and colleagues through a combination of digital, telephone and face to face contact on a daily basis.

Some of the activities across our range of services are set out below:

  • Providing support to customers managing their debt.
  • Interviewing or making decisions as part of the National Insurance Number process overview.
  • Investigating, intervening, and correcting customer's claims to benefit using intelligence and data to inform decisions.
  • Disrupting organised fraud and modern slavery activity.
  • Working across CFCD and DWP to embed the Fraud Error and Debt strategy.
  • Making timely decisions, based on customer needs, avoiding the build-up of debt, making sure our customers are referred to appropriate help and support.

What colleagues in CFCD say about their roles

Debt Management specialises in the management and recovery of benefit debt, this includes benefit overpayments, compensation recovery and Social Fund loans. We work with individual customers and other bodies such as Local Authorities to manage debts owed to HM Government, recovering money in a sustainable way. It's a job which can be really fulfilling, knowing that we have supported some of the most vulnerable in society. We have a responsibility to our customers as well as to tax payers.
Working in Integrated Risk Intelligence Service (IRIS) is really interesting and varied. We provide a dynamic service, working alongside analysts, digital specialists and intelligence experts looking at data and intelligence from a range of sources to identify risks and threats to the benefit system. We also help to prioritise work across the business, such as targeting areas of loss and preventing fraud and error in the first place. It's really rewarding to see that some of the things we have tested and trialled based on the data and intelligence we use have resulted in huge improvements, saved huge amounts of potential loss and made sure that benefit is being paid to our most vulnerable customers.
Working in the Economic, Serious and Organised Crime(ESOC) team is hugely varied, interesting and rewarding. The organised crime teams deal with intelligence led work, including widespread attacks on the benefit systems orchestrated by Organised Crime groups. Other operations investigated include Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery where vulnerable individuals are exploited by others who set up and control their benefit claims, and operations involving large scale multiple identity fraud where Organised Crime groups utilise fictitious or hijacked identities to set up fraudulent benefit claims. ESOC look at all ways to disrupt, dismantle and ultimately prosecute these gangs. We work alongside other Law Enforcement Agencies, such as the Police, U.K Border Force, Home Office, HMRC and other partners both within and outside the UK. Our Economic Crime Group works in tandem with Investigations teams to pursue asset recovery and identify possible overlaps into money laundering offences. The team includes trained surveillance, digital forensic or digital media officers, all invaluable in obtaining evidence to identify and prosecute offenders. Life is never dull, whether it's cyber fraud, crypto currency or engaging with senior Barristers at Crown Prosecution Service (CPS). It is hugely satisfying to know the work we are involved in not only protects the benefit system but more importantly, improves the lives of vulnerable individuals.